We’re going to show you the top 5 most wrinkly dog breeds.

1 – Shar pei

Without a doubt, the shar-pei is the most wrinkly dog breeds there is and they wear the wrinkles of pride.

Its face has so many that it looks like a mini bear in the shape of the dog, as a fun fact you should know that puppies have a lot more wrinkles than adults shar pei.

2 – English Bulldog

The English Bulldog mainly presents wrinkles on its face and neck. all puppies are adorable but English bulldogs are even cuter and thanks to their wrinkled appearance.

3 – Pug

The Pug is characterized by having wrinkles right in the middle of its forehead, as if it were worried about something. these wrinkles also make us notice their expressive eyes forcing us to look at them with such tenderness, but practically impossible to be angry with them.

4 – Neapolitan Mastiff

With its characteristic wrinkles on its face, has considered the kind of elder statesmen dog breeds. as in the case of shar-peis this breed has wrinkles and most of its body.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is also famous for relaxed attitude as well as constant drooling.

5 – Bullmastiff

The bull mastiff is known as the gentle giant, because despite its size, it’s one of the most protective and Noble briefs. Its wrinkles are mainly found on its face and neck and gives it a soft and cute expression to balance its strong presence.

If you have a wrinkly dog, let us know in the comments.


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