What Makes the best service dog breeds Stand Out on top of the remainder?

Most of us who have had a dog, will know how much hanging out with a four-legged friend makes us happy.

Whether, we are already in a good mood and want to go and play in the park, or have just been dumped, a cuddle with a dog can make everything seem better. But, did you know that there are dogs whose job is to help people full time?

And that’s not just for emotional support. They can even work for injured or disabled owners to make their lives easier. In fact, these dogs are sometimes known as Assistant, Therapy or Service dogs. Unlike Emotional Support Dogs which require less training and only a certificate from a registered health professional, Service Dogs require more training, and they are trained for a particular purpose from a very young age.

While all dogs are intelligent and could become a service dog, there are some breeds that are more widely used as assistant dogs. Let’s look at the 5 best service dog breeds.


5 Best Service Dog Breeds That Help us Heal

The most common service dog breeds is the Labrador with an amazing personality, good temperament and super intelligence.

The Labrador is a brilliant service dog breeds, the main role of a lab is as a guide dog ,they help their blind owners do anything from get around the house to cross the road and even alert others if their owner is unwell or has had an accident.

Orlando the ten-year-old guide dog, was with his owner Cecil when he fainted and fell on some train tracks, he was concerned when he couldn’t get a response from his owner so instead of sitting by and doing nothing, Orlando jumped into action, he barked loudly and frantically to try and get the attention of anyone close by. Luckily, due to Orlando’s quick thinking, bystanders were alerted and Cecil only had a cut or two from falling.

The two are still the best of friends today.

German Shepherd

5 Best Service Dog Breeds That Help us Heal

This breed are known as an ultra-intelligent dog, most widely used by police and military units across the world due to their fearlessness tenacity and trainability, not only widely used by the police, they are also often trained to help people with disabilities.

They are naturally a herder, so tend to want to lead people by nature which makes them an excellent guide dog and they are actually second in popularity for this role only the Labradors.

They are able to help with a variety of conditions and in many roles due to their obedience, size and temperament.

Not only are they great at physical roles like as a guide dog, but they are also great as a therapy service dog for people with PTSD or neurological disorders.

Rader is a service dog who was paired with veteran Chris. Chris served in the military for seven years before leaving with PTSD and depression, Rader was paired with him to help with blackouts PTSD related panic attacks and depressed thoughts.

He said that Rader was a glint of hope in an otherwise bleak outlook and has helped by supporting him during PTSD related episodes.


5 Best Service Dog Breeds That Help us Heal

The poodle was originally bred as a sporting dog and as such is highly intelligent and obedient.

They are brilliant at fetching and carrying and can be trained to carry out a number of tasks for their owner, although this isn’t a large working dog.

The poodle is still a popular choice as a service dog breeds, although it’s not able to be a physical support dog like the German Shepherd as it’s only a medium breed.

the poodle is popular as a hearing guide dog, and for other less physically demanding service tasks. They can still help carry in fetch things for their owners like medication, not only that but due to their keen sense of smell they can help people detect changes in their condition they may not be aware of yet.

Donovan is a five-year-old service dog, his owner Marable is a 67 years old priest who has had a number of strokes in recent years, Donovan using his keen sense of smell can tell when his owners body chemistry Changes.

Donovan is there to sense if he has a drop-in blood pressure, he will signal to the priest so that he knows to sit down to avoid injury.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

This breed is known as a family favorite, not only has the breed loving with an excellent temperament but it’s also highly intelligent so training is easy.

Golden retrievers are most commonly used to help children with autism, they can help calm children down and may be able to preempt a meltdown to better help the child cope with it.

They can also help adults who have epilepsy or other disorders, that mean they may need assistance at certain times in their life.

One such service dog is Roscoe a 17 months old epilepsy service dog, who was paired with owner Derek to provide a cuddly way to help deal with seizures.

Derek uses VNS therapy, which includes a small device under his skin which sends pulses to the brain to stop seizures before they start.

Sometimes however seizures can still break through the therapy method and at that time the VNS device needs to be manually activated.

Because Derek could not manually activate this device while he’s seizing, Roscoe has been trained to do this for him when Derek seizes.

Roscoe will cuddle up beside him but it’s not just for morale support, Roscoe has a magnet in his collar which can also activate the device meaning he can stop his owner seizures before they become life-threatening.

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernsese mountain dog

This large dog breed is great for offering a brace or support for disabled owners.

Not only are they big enough to take the weight of a fully grown man, but they are dev hands at pulling heavy things like wheelchairs.

The breed is gentle large and intelligent, it means that not only can they help with a physically disabled person’s mobility but they can be trained to get help or medication if their owner has had a fall or becomes dangerously ill.

Zeke for example is a two-year-old bernese mountain dog, that has completed mobility assistance service dog training and certification at Neuman k9 Academy a service dog training program.

He is now super obedient as well as specially trained to brace his owner and pull his owner up from a chair or off the ground.

This breed isn’t just used as physical support dogs, though they can also help people with all sorts of other issues.

For example, Katie the Bernese Mountain Dog works at a special-needs school to help children gain confidence.

How amazing are these superhero dogs, whether or not you need a service dog, these breeds make amazing family dogs as well as assistant dogs so whether or not you need help, they will be a welcomed member of your family.

If you have a service dog, let us know in the comments what makes them special to you.

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