The incredible Beauty, intelligence and versatility of the German Shepherd makes them one of the most beloved dog breeds worldwide. Hopefully these 10 facts of the German Shepherd will scratch that itch.

1 – The Breeds was developed for herding

facts of german shepherd

We currently most associate the German Shepherd as a police dog, however as their name suggests this breed was developed for herding flocks in the fields of Germany particularly sheep.

These sheepdog origins go back to the end of the 19th century, thanks to their great intelligence and predisposition towards training the German Shepherd has now become known for its ability to carry out a wide range of tricks services and tasks.

2 – They are extraodinarly intelligent and loyal

The versatility German shepherds demonstrate and their abilities is not mere chance, they are due to incredible cognitive physical and emotional capacities.

German shepherds ranked third in the ranking of most intelligent dog breeds in the world additionally their nature is alert, balanced, friendly and extremely loyal to the Guardians contributing to their facility for training and creating an amazing all-round dog.

3 – They are among the most popular dog breeds in the world

The German Shepherd has for many years been one of the most popular and well-loved dogs, they have the perfect combination of a noble character, remarkable, intelligence, great sensitivity and an obedient temperament.

Within their family grip, they are extraordinarily loyal to the Guardians. when properly educated and socialized they can get along famously with children also demonstrating a very loving and protective character they can even live peacefully with other animals in the home.

4 – The German Shepherd has been a success in Film and TV

The title character protagonist of The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin is one of the most famous German shepherds in any artistic medium but there are many more such as Inspector Rex,  Jerry Lee from The jim belushi k9 movie and Sam from I am Legend. Rin Tin Tin was named after an actual dog but many have played the character over the years.

5 – They have participated in two world wars

The German Shepherd is one of the few breeds to have accompanied the German army in both world wars. During the First World War the breed was in its infancy and the German authorities were unsure how they might fit in the context of war during the hard years of conflict, the German Shepherds were used to transport messages, locate wounded soldiers and Patrol along with the officers.

Their performance was so incredible that even Allied soldiers returned to their home countries with great admiration for and fanciful stories about the breed. It was thanks to these experiences that the breed became known outside of Germany and gained its global popularity.

by World War two the German Shepherd was a famous breed in both Europe and the United States, their skills again impressing soldiers who served in both sides of the front.

6 – They can become very greedy

facts of german shepherd

Despite their balanced behavior, the German Shepherd can become somewhat gluttonous eating too much too quickly. Guardians need to be alert to bad eating habits and train them to desist ideally the daily amount of food should be portioned into at least two meals so they don’t wait too long between eating.

7 – They are strong dogs, but experience health problems

german shepherd facts

Although they are a strong and resilient animal, German Shepherds show genetic predisposition towards various degenerative diseases. Its enormous popularity and desire to standardize physical characteristics have led to indiscriminate breeding which reflect negatively in the breeds health to this day.

The most sensitive regions of their body are their abdomen and extremities being more likely to develop hip and elbow dysplasia than most other breeds. They are also prone to developing some of the following conditions epilepsy, digestive problems, dwarfism, chronic eczema, keratitis and glaucoma.

8 – Their fur has generated much controversy

The type of fair accepted its breed standard has generated much controversy since the breed has been officially recognized. In actuality there are three varieties short, medium and long hair, however different breed standards exists with some only accept in the medium hair version of the breed, others accepting long haired dogs but seeing the length of fur as a breed fault.

The archer coat in most cases needs to be hard straight and dense as possible but a can vary in length over certain areas of the body. Should be noted that different colors are accepted for the coat of the German Shepherd beyond the traditional solid black or black and tan examples we can find versions with different shades of gray or even yellow, however all white dogs are not found in the official breed standard.

9 – They are not aggressive dogs by nature

This facts of the German Shepherd is one of the most loyal dog breeds, they’re not aggressive and much less bad by Nature. On the contrary they tend to show balanced behavior and are obedient and alert, however as always we emphasize the behavior of the dog will depend largely on education and environment provided by the Guardians.

german shepherd facts

Unfortunately, incorrect or irresponsible rearing of this dog can lead the problems with aggression. For this reason it’s essential to pay attention to the training and socialization of this breed.

10 – They were the first guide dog in history

The first guide dog school in the world called the seeing-eye was created in the US and its co-founder Morris Frank traveled between his native country and Canada to promote the usefulness of training these dogs in this way.

The first dogs to officially assist the blind were four German Shepherds called Judy, Mehta, folly and flash. They were first used to help World War one veteran’s and mercy side on the 6th of October 1931.

And here ends our list of 10 facts of the German Shepherd. Leave a comment below with your own German Shepherd experience.


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