We have been breeding dogs for thousands of years all over the world for many different reasons.

Dogs are now the number one chosen pet across the world, but there are dangers that come with owning certain dog breeds.

Depending on why we’ve bred them, some breeds are famed for their soft mouth, when they are able to retrieve game gently and without harming it.

Whereas some are famed for their strong bite, dogs you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of, we can measure a dog’s bite scientifically by measuring the bite in pound per square inch psi, which tells you how much pressure is exerted on one square inch.

for example, a crocodile’s psi is over 5,000 whereas a human’s is only around 120 to 140.

As we’re talking about dogs today, the average psi for our canine friends is 220 to 240 psi, however the dogs we’re going to be looking at today are way above that figure.

The size of your dog will have an impact on how strong their bite is, usually a small dog will not have as large a bite force as a dog with a large square head. Let’s look at the eight dogs with the strongest bite

German Shepherd

german shepherd dog bite force 238 psi

With 238 psi, German Shepherds are now the most popular dog breed to have as a pet across the whole world, they are also the most widely used in police forces and the military across the globe.

This is thanks to their great trained ability, but also fearless and protective nature that along with a psi of 238 means that any criminal or thief would think twice about doing anything wrong.

Originally bred as guard dogs, German Shepherds are now often trained in the police to tactically take down criminals that are running away.

Their trainer wears a special sleeve to avoid injury while training them to bite the forearm of the assailant. Although, the German Shepherd is eighth on our list its bite can not only pierce skin it can also break bones.

So it’s by no means weak in comparison to the other dog on our list, it makes up for its bite force score with ferociousness.


doberman dog bite force 245 psi

With 245 psi, slightly higher than the German Shepherd.

Here in seventh place we have the Doberman, originally bred as the ideal guard and protection dog, it’s no wonder that Doberman has a strong bite force.

With their large square head and capable jaw muscles, they can break a man’s arm in one bite, that paired with being territorial aggressive and energetic make them perfect guard dogs as who’d want to mess with one of these.

There has been some debate over whether 245 psi is a high enough ranking for the Doberman.

As some dogs have had a score between 200 to 400 psi, but it’s also claimed those dogs were specifically trained, so the averages aren’t considered.

American Bulldog

american bulldog 305 psi

305 psi in at number six is the American Bulldog.

It’s often confused with a pitbull, due to their stocky bodies similarly shaped heads and mouths, but they are a completely different breed.

The American Bulldog stands a little taller and has more pointed ears, but both were bred for a similar purpose.

This breed was originally a working-class dog taken by immigrants to the South American.

The dog was taken with travelers to keep protection on the road and in new lands, their bite is an impressive 305 psi for their size as they are somewhat smaller than the other dogs on our list at least in length, their head and mouth are the typical square set that makes a strong bite.

The American Bulldog bonds strongly with its owner and will do anything to protect it.

This along with its strong bite force, makes it a challenge for anyone picking a fight with his owner.

African wild dog

African wild dog 317 psi

With 317 psi, we have the African wild dog a relative of the sub-Saharan dog, which means it’s both an expert hunter, but also relatively small compared to the other dogs on the list although the largest in its family, this breed is still only a medium-sized dog.

What he doesn’t have been brought, he more than makes up for in bite, this breed is known to be hyper carnivorous, this means that over 70% of their diet is made up of meat.

So, they need a strong powerful jaw to take down and make quick work of their dinner.

In the wild, their favorite prey is the antelope a big deer like animal that can run very fast.

Luckily, due to the African wild dogs slim frame, he can easily catch up to an antelope and thanks to his bite force, he can break any bone in a deer with a single bite.


Rottweiler 328 psi

328 psi

Rottweilers were one of the first breeds to be adopted by the police and army as an attack dog, due to their size and brute strength.

Although, they were originally bred to pull carts, they were also trained to be impressive guard dogs as their weighty body along with their sharp strong teeth made a match for anyone trying to break in.

Nowadays, they’re used more in search and rescue operations by the police as well as guard dogs in the home, although they have a powerful bite force.

Lot of people find Rottweilers friendly and great family pets due to their happy nature and eagerness to please.


Wolf dog 406 psi

406 psi, in third place we have the bite force of the wolf dog.

I wouldn’t recommend having one of these as a pet, as the hybrid of wolf and dog can be a little Wilder and therefore more dangerous than another breed.

Humans may have been breeding wolves and domesticated dogs for centuries, the first mention of the concept was 10,000 years ago. Originally, it’s thought they were bred for their aggression and wild temper that made them excellent attack dogs in battle along with their strong bite makes them a force to be reckoned with.

However, people that breed these dogs do find that due to a strong pack mentality, they can be trained to be less hostile and make good guard dogs.

English Mastiff

English Mastiff dog bite force 556 psi

556 psi

Mastiffs are known as a breed group with one of, if not the strongest bite in the world because of their large head and super powerful jaw, they have an average psi of over 500.

However, the Mastiff breed is not known for its aggression and they would far prefer to cozy up on the couch with you rather than be outside guarding the house.

Despite their super strong bite, they rarely attack unless they feel their human needs protection and as such they are very good with children.

Moreover, they need training to make sure they aren’t destructive. When left alone in the house, that strong jaw and playful attitude can mean your pillows sofa and even table could be in trouble if you’re not careful.


Kangal dog 743 psi

At the top in the table with an incredible score of 743 psi is the Kangal.

Originally bred to guard land from animal attackers in Turkey, the Kangal size and protective streak make it the strongest and most powerful dog on our list.

This dog has a PSI score similar to a wolf and as such can guard livestock as well as people from wild invaders.

It can take down a medium-sized predator in minutes, and it’s fearlessness alongside the bite force of an incredible 743, make it a match for anything.

These have been our eight dogs with the strongest bite in the world. All of these dogs have crazy strong bites that can also be trained to only attack on command or not fight at all.

To correctly train a dog, it takes time and effort on your part. So, make sure you’re ready for the challenge before getting one of the above dogs.

Have you come across a dog with a stronger bite? Let us know in the comments.

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